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Welcome to our new Pilot Signature Search Facility !   See below for search tips and find those treasured signatures!



While the instructions below are still valid, we have now upgraded our systems and on our aviation homepage you can now select from the full list of aviation signatures ordered alphabetically by surname.  Similar menus are available in the other sections of our site.

Pilot Signature Search            

Info for aviation print collectors


Our database contains over 1000 pilots who have signed prints available from our online shop.  Obviously some of these prints are sold out or are very well sought after and rare.  We have kept these in our online gallery for completeness, and to simply have the information available to collectors.  We also have a few other signatures in our database, including racing drivers and naval and military personnel.


Search Tips

Having trouble finding the pilot you need the signature of?  These tips might help you.


1. Try searching by surname only.

Some of the pilots have middle names or initials included, and our search works on an exact match system, so searching for a surname only is probably the best solution.


2. Surname Variety

Spelling mistakes in names will return no results.  For surnames which have more than one spelling, like Johnson / Johnston for example, try both and see what turns up. 


3. Partial Names

Often it is difficult to know how to spell a name - many of the German pilots are spelled incorrectly by native English speakers for example.  Our tip would be to try part of a name.  For example, if the pilot you were searching for was Erich Rudorffer, simply typing Rudo would bring him up in our results, without needing to consider the double f in his name.


4. Full List

If all else fails, and you have the time and patience, the full list is available to you.  It can be accessed by not typing anything into the search box then hitting search.  This will return all our pilot listed in alphabetical order.  The order is by the first letter of the first word in their name entry - i.e. this could be A for Air Marshal as a rank, or A for Andy as an actual name.

Featured Signature

Kapitanleutnant Karl-August Landfermann (deceased)


Landfermann was one of the leading engineering officers on U-Boats. Serving on U-181 he made the second longest patrol in U-Boat history - 206 days. Shortly afterwards he received his Knights Cross, on 27th October 1943. Died 18th November 2003.

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